PowerBoat CPC
Waves Chuncky CPC
Oyster CPC
Signals CPC
Waves CPC
Scrimshaw CPC
Mutiny CPC
Beach Ball CPC
Batten CPC
Mainsail CPC
Armada CPC
Compass Rose CPC
Siren CPC

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CPC Type is the collection of typefaces and lettering artwork by Christopher Cacho. All typeface designs are inspired by nature and adventure. Christopher has been studying and practicing graphic design for 20 years. He has helped many companies solve problems with his design experience in print, screen and user experience design.


One of my earliest memories that has lead me to a career in art and design happened one day after school. I was sitting in the kitchen eating cereal and watching cartoons instead of working on my middle school homework. My mom came home after work and showed me the results of her office getting a new printer. She had given me my name printed in ASCII art and a few print outs of the alphabet in different fonts. I was excited to see letters in these different styles and went straight to redrawing the letters. I believe this is the day that sparked my affection for the art of letters and type design.

Email me when you're interested in working together on a type design or lettering project.